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Web portal for online document signing. The users are enabled individually, but also group signing of documents from multiple parties as well as keeping signed documents on a secure storage.

Included services


Sign document


Timestamp and verify timestamp


Securely send signed document


Archive signed document in Cloud

Transfer your business activity in digital form using - SignPlus

Digital signing of documents with a digital certificate for which you do not need additional installations.

Putting timestamp that ensures long-term validity of digitally signed document.

Verification of signed files (documents) and validity of the timestamp.

Secured data storage to store your digitally signed documents will be available always and everywhere.

Electronic delivery of files that guarantees registered delivery.

The opportunity to create a personal account or company account within which it is possible to create sub accounts for company employees.

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Key benefits


SignPlus meets the rigorous industry standards for user authentication. The level of authentication can be increased, to level where users are able to choose two factor authentication for their login, using the security codes (supplied to the user via an external system - e-mail or SMS). SignPlus systems and processes use the most powerful commercially available data encryption technologies and provide protection and security when transferring and storing data.


SignPlus is implemented as a set of web modules that, through the user's web-based interface, allow users to create their own course of signing and forwarding documents from multiple signatures. Signing is by applying different types of digtal certificates. Yоur team can spend more time on value-added activities, driving cost savings and improving your service.


Users from everywhere can take advantage of digital signing through any web browser and from any device, smartphone, tablet or personal computer.


Becouse every business is different, SignPlus is flexible. We offer REST APIs and if you require a custom solution, our APIs allow developres to extend and integrate SignPlus into your processes.